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  • How do I order from the Cook-A-Roux
    You are able to order on the Cook-A-Roux site from Tuesday at 9am until Saturday 9pm for meals the following Tuesday-Thursday. Menu 1, 2 and 3 rotate week to week and items are labled for which day they will be delivered
  • How do I pay?
    You pay for your meal(s) via e-transfer after you place your order and please reference your order number.
  • Can I call and get dinner tonight or can I request a specific meal?
    Sorry that isn't how the Cook-A-Roux works. Please check out our menu to see what we offer
  • The meal that I want is sold out, now what??!!"
    This is sad and unfortunatley we only have a limited amount of each meal. However, you can see if the other size is available, if it too is "sold out" then yes we are sold out.
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