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Menu 1 is Now Live
Order from Monday June 17th, 7pm
Until Saturday June 22nd, 9pm

For Deliveries the week of June 25th


 ~EASY-Prepared delicious and healthy meals delivered to your door before you leave for work
~SAVE TIME-When you get home from work all you have to do is put your dinner in the oven 
~OPTIONS-Vegetarian and meat options-everyone gets what they want


Great Food and  More Time 

The Cook-A-Roux was created because of a serious love of great food and an even more serious love for family and so the concept for a separate licensed kitchen in our own home was born. We create the meals you would if you had the time, for yourself and your family. We use the best ingredients possible and make many of our items from scratch including our doughs, our pastas, and even our ricotta. We hope that we are not only providing the gift of delicious, unprocessed, healthy food but also the gift of time for you to spend enjoying meals created especially for you.
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